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Dear Couples and Vendors,

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about the #unitythroughcommunity pledge that my company, Occasions by Bea Prescilla, has committed to.  For far too long, there has been a lot of sadness, anger, and frustration over racism, discrimination, and racial injustice toward Black People of Color and to those of the LGBTQ+ communities.


It's sickening that so many lives have been lost or brutally beaten due to these vile reasons, and it's heart-wrenching that every day our friends in those communities have to live in fear wondering if it will be them or someone they love next.  In as much as I wish I could say our country is passed these problems that have existed for centuries, it is clear that we, as a nation, are at a fraction of where we need to be. 


While there's still much work to understand the experiences and perspectives of those who have suffered the destructive effects of racism and how it still affects our country today; please know that we are committed to learn more on how we can work together to fight against discrimination and racism against our Black and LGBTQ+ communities. 


Being that we believe that love is love and that couples from all walks of life deserve to have an amazing wedding filled with people who truly support them including vendors alike, we will begin by committing to the pledge that #unitythroughcommunity is designed to be for our wedding community.  We commit to:

  • Rid the wedding industry of racism, prejudice and bias

  • Support, promote and purchase from  creatives of all backgrounds

  • Diversify our followers

  • Diversify our network

  • Diversify our clientele

  • Diversify the industry’s educational platforms

  • Commit to being accountable and holding each other accountable

While I understand that everyone has their own opinions, beliefs, experiences, and backgrounds; I ask you to reflect on your individual thoughts and actions and ensure they are consistent with our values outlined in this letter prior to working with us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and a big thank you to the creators of this movement in hopes for a better tomorrow: Terrica of Cocktails & Details; CeCe Todd of CeCe Designs LLC; Tammy Fleuch of Typebird Creative; and Bron Hansboro of The Flower Guy Bron.

Warmest Regards,

Bea Prescilla Sharp & The OBP Team

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